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Date: 2021-01-25



Nassau Cruise Port (also known as Prince George Wharf) is the cruising gateway to the historic, vibrant city of Nassau. The port, which is the economic hub of the downtown core, is currently being transformed into a visual masterpiece that will convert downtown Nassau into one of the great waterfronts of the world. It is anticipated that this $250 million redevelopment will also serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of the downtown core. Global Ports Holding, the world’s largest cruise port operator with presence in 13 countries on 4 continents, through Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. (NCPL), a majority Bahamian-owned public-private partnership (PPP), will redefine the cruise visitor experience and create opportunities for the development of new Bahamian-owned businesses.


Accommodating as many as 30,000 passengers per day, the iconic, redefined port facility will include a full complement of Bahamian cultural and retail experiences that will be accessible to cruise passengers, stopover visitors, and all residents of The Bahamas. Among them are the highly-anticipated Junkanoo Museum, a state-of-the-art Amphitheatre, an immersive Impact Theatre, a Coral Reef Exhibit, and designated entertainment spaces.


Through the redevelopment of this significant government asset, which is owned by the people of The Bahamas, Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. will create the single most important economic boost to the cruise tourism industry that our country has seen in generations. Thousands of Bahamians will have an opportunity to invest in the Bahamas Investment Fund (BIF) to facilitate broad-based Bahamian ownership in this venture. Through the public offering of these shares, we will create the largest investment opportunity of its kind that has been launched in The Bahamas to date.




Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. invites all interested entities to forward retail concepts to be considered for six (6) retail outlets at the cruise Port Facility averaging 600 to 800 square feet. The new retail area is expected to be open in the summer of 2022.

The concepts must be 100 percent Bahamian-owned and the product line must be authentically Bahamian. The product can be made of imported raw materials, but the finished product must be created and made in The Bahamas depicting Bahamian art, culture and design. It is imperative that the submission identifies the current production capacity for each item included in the concept and, if available, the current retail price of each item.

This is not a Request for Proposal, but a Request for Concept and is therefore not a part of a bidding process. There is no bid required. The selection of the retail operators will be made at the sole discretion of Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. based on what it considers best meets its criteria and overall concept. Each submission must include a single point of contact via email and telephone.

Concept submissions may be provided in electronic soft copy or in a printed format. The submission deadline February 28, 2021. Following a review of concept submissions, NCPL will confirm with shortlisted applicants that their concepts have been selected for further review.


Please send concepts to:

Director of Business Development

Nassau Cruise Port Limited

384 Bay Street

Nassau Bahamas




Email to:

Attn: Director of Business Development


We look forward to the possibility of your submission being a part of the new Nassau Cruise Port.




  • Is this a request for architectural drawings and/or plans?

 No. This is a request for viable business ideas that would be a good match for the Nassau Cruise Port "Authentically Bahamian" concept. We are asking for proposals from interested entities.


  • What do you mean by "Authentically Bahamian?"

We are interested in products and concepts that celebrate the art, culture, and heritage of The Bahamas. Products can be made from imported raw materials but the finished product must be created and made in The Bahamas.


  • How many spaces are available?

There are six retail spaces available. Each space will be between 600 sq.ft. and 800 sq.ft.


  • How will Nassau Cruise Port select the approved retailers?

Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. will have sole discretion in selecting the approved retailers based on what it considers best meets its criteria and aligns with the Authentically Bahamian vision for the port.


  • How do I submit my retail concept proposal?

Submit your concept proposal by email to The deadline for submission is February 28, 2021.*


*Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. will confirm with shortlisted applicants that their concept proposals have been selected for further review.